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The 3 Best Homemade Horse Treat Recipes

For many equestrians, the holidays are synonymous with baking! Personally, I love to spend a few hours in the kitchen baking goodies and dancing to my favourite songs while the kids run circles around the house. This year during my planning, I realized that it would be fun to put together something for the horse.  Why not throw together one of these homemade horse treat recipes while I am baking for the rest of the family?

I took the internet to find the best homemade horse treats to share with you.

Horse Treat Recipe #1

This recipe from Little House Living has only 5 ingredients, and it is super easy to make. You will need 9×13 baking dish and your oven.

Check it out below.

Horse Treat Recipe #2

This recipe from Mama on the Homestead looks delicious that I might even take a bite of one!

The instructions are easy to follow, and the treats take only 15 minutes in the oven.

Jess, the author, even offers some substitutions so you can make your own variation.

Horse Treat Recipe #3

This last horse treat recipe from Stable Table and Crafts is made with cinnamon and oats takes a bit longer to cook but stays fresh longer and holds up in your pocket!

These homemade horse treat recipes are sure to put a smile on your horse’s face and you’ll have fun baking them too – just don’t mix the horse treats with the Christmas cookies for the family!

Happy Holidays!

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