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Equestrians: Best tracking apps

Whether it is to make our equestrian life easier or to track progress towards a goal, apps are there to help! But there are more and more equestrian applications on the market, so which one is worth downloading? This list of the best exercise tracking apps for equestrians on Android and Apple in 2020 will help you find the right app for you.

Exercise tracking


Equilab tracks your trail rides and your training with details like time, elevation, gaits and calculates roughly the caloric expenditure of your horse and you. It uses GPS to map your rides, so it is less likely than cell coverage to lose the signal. Equilab also allows you to share horses like when you are leasing a horse and has a calendar where you track the visits from different equine professionals. It also pairs with your Wear OS by Google.

If you subscribe to the Premium version at $12.99/month or $99.99/year, you can export your training data and use the safety features that alert people should you fall off your horse or need help. 

Available for Apple and Android

Equisense – Horse Riding Improvement

Equisense is your ultimate training companion. It uses the measurements that your phone takes while you ride and gives you a detailed picture. You can choose what you want to work on. You can pair it with the company’s biosensor for your horse. The sensor is expensive, but what you can do with just your phone is impressive and useful. 

Available on Apple and Android. 

Horse Riding Tracker

Horse Riding Tracker is a simple application that tracks your rides. Bonus: It works with your Apple Watch.

Only available on Apple.


Horse Globe tracks your rides and offers an impressive list of horse trails. It also allows you to share your rides on Facebook. This app is more about sharing the trace of your rides than documenting your workout.

The basic option is free. The paid version allows you to share more of your rides and trails. 

Available on Apple and Android. 

Prospeqs equestrian

Prospeqs Equestrian supports equestrians in achieving their goals and helps share videos and training data with coaches and friends. 

Available on Apple and Android. 

Ridely – an app for equestrians

Ridely comes with tracking and videos from trainers to help you reach your goals. The structure of this app is really nice and is designed to help you achieve even your long term goals.

Available on Apple and Android. 

There are of course other apps that aren’t designed for horses but have a horseback riding setting for tracking your rides such as MapMyRun

I hope you find this list of the best tracking apps for equestrians useful. I like Equilab and Equisense; however, any of these will track your rides. It all depends on which options you need.

Enjoy the ride!

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