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How to waterproof horse blankets

The wet and rainy season is around the corner, and there is nothing worse than lovingly blanketing your horse, only to find a few hours later a cold, wet, shivering horse. You tried to do your best, but something went awry. We’ll go into detail on how to waterproof your horse blankets and avoid that whole unpleasant situation.

The solution is not to buy a new blanket! As a horse mom to three horses and hobby farm owner, I know how expensive replacing blankets can get.

You can re-waterproof your horse’s blanket for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one! And yes, you can waterproof your horse’s old faded and well-loved blanket.

Did you know that waterproofing on textiles only lasts a short while? It means that you need to re-waterproof your horse’s blanket regularly.

How to choose the right waterproofing

The different waterproofing products are classified into two types: sprays and washes. Sprays are easy to use and versatile compared to washes that require using the family laundry machine (your choice to tell your spouse or not!) or large laundry machines.

4 things to look for in a waterproofing product

  • Pet-friendly—for obvious reasons
  • Little to no odour—we all know animals have sensitive noses
  • Water-based—better for the environment and our horses
  • Breathability—your horse’s sweat still needs to evaporate

Avoid silicone sprays as they are not safe for your horse’s paddock mates to ingest (or your blanket destroyer if you have one). Now that you have found your product onto the fun part!

Steps to waterproof your horse blanket: Spray

  1. Clean your blanket thoroughly and let it dry.
  2. Read the instructions on the bottle.
  3. Find a well-ventilated area with little to no wind.
  4. Spray thoroughly and wipe away any droplets with a soft cloth.
  5. Let dry.
  6. Reapply for the best results.

Steps to waterproof your horse blanket: Wash

  1. Clean your blanket thoroughly and let it dry.
  2. Read the instructions on the bottle.
  3. Hand wash or machine wash your horse blanket using the right quantity of product. If you use a washing machine, you can protect it by tying the buckles together and covering them with an old sock.
  4. Wash using the delicate cycle and cold-water settings.
  5. Remove promptly and let dry.

And you are done! Your horse’s blanket is ready for another rainy and snowy season.

Any questions? Drop them below.

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