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6 simple steps to clean your horse brushes

Horses are creative when it comes to getting dirty. Any puddle of muck is fair game, including using their own poop as a pillow. Despite this, it’s essential to keep them clean for their health by brushing them and cleaning their brushes regularly. These 6 simple steps to clean horse brushes will help you keep your horse clean and happy and save you time.

Why clean horse brushes

Dirty brushes do nothing more than move the dirt around or, even worse, add dirt. They can also spread diseases such as rain rot and other skin infections. Therefore, it is essential not to share brushes between horses either.

How to clean horse brushes

  1. Shake them out to get the easy-to-dislodge dirt and dust.
  2. Pick out the mane and tail hairs.
  3. Vacuum them.
  4. Wash them with a little bit of horse shampoo.
  5. If it has been a while since they’ve been cleaned, soak them a few minutes in a vinegar solution (use cleaning vinegar here, not the stuff for your salad) to disinfect them.
  6. Rinse clean and towel dry and let air dry, bristles down or on the side.

How often should you clean them?

Clean your horse brushes at least once every second week and more often during muddy season.

Dirty brush kit
Rinsing curry in the sink

Conclusion: Clean your brushes!

In short, it takes just a few minutes to clean your horse brushes and keep your horse’s coat healthy. So grab all your brushes and take a few minutes to clean them.

Brushes drying on a towel

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