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How to wash horse blankets

If your horse loves to roll in the mud, you are no stranger to dirty blankets (or horses). You may have wondered what the best way to wash horse blankets at home inexpensively is. Also, clean horses don’t stay clean under dirty blankets.

As a mom to three horses and hobby farm owner, I know how expensive replacing blankets and regularly washing blankets can get. With the right products and techniques, you can make sure your horse blankets last without creating a hole in your budget. Here are some easy steps you can do at home to wash your horse’s blanket.

Steps to clean your horse blanket

  1. Let the blanket dry! Your washer will thank you.
  2. Use a stiff-bristled brush to remove the dry dirt and grime. If it is filthy, you may want to hang the blanket on a fence and hose it down. Use mild dish soap to get the stubborn muck stains out.
  3. Use a saddle pad and blanket wash detergent designed for animals to protect their skin and the blanket’s waterproofing.
  4. Hand wash your horse blanket in cold water or use the delicate cycle on your washer. If you use the washing machine, you can protect it by tying the buckles together and covering them with an old sock.
  5. Add a rinsing agent (not fabric softener!) to your fabric softener dispenser to deodorize and add anti-static conditioning. 
  6. Remove promptly and let dry.
  7. Waterproof as needed.

That’s it! You now know how to wash your horse blankets and it is ready for another round of rolling in the mud.

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