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Hoof Boots as close to natural

Hit the trails knowing that your horse’s hooves are protected

Protect your horse

Hit the trails

Save money

The 21st century's solution to hoof protection

Horses’ hooves sometimes need protection. Over time, traditional shoeing is expensive and detrimental to the biomechanics of your horse.

Get the right boots for your horse

Hit the trails for longer

Your horse will be so comfortable neither of you will want to head home. 

Protect your horse’s hooves

Hoof boots designed to protect barefoot hooves. 

On when you need them, off when you don’t.

Save money

Hoof boots last longer than traditional shoes and don’t require a reset every few weeks. 

Scoot Boot Regular Hoof Boot

We care about your horse's comfort

We carry hoof boots of different brands and models to find the right solution for you and your horse. Scoot Boots, EasyCare, Cavallo are our favourites and generally we can find a solution within these three brands. If you have a preference, please let us know!

How it works

1. Get fitted

2. Try the boots

3. Hit the trails

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