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The Ultimate Equestrian Gift Guide

The Holidays are here, and it can be hard to find the right gift for your barn bestie or your family member that is crazy about horses.


We’ve put together this equestrian gift guide to make this Holiday Season easier and less stressful. Remember, like last year, get your online orders in as soon as possible to give the different carriers time to get your gift delivered on time. We’ll be shipping daily until December 25th; however, Canada Post and UPS suggest shipping before December 9th nationally. If you are in Quebec or Ontario, I think you can push it to December 15th to receive your order on time.


Without further ado, here is the 2021 Equestrian Gift Guide.

Hi-Viz Gear

Hi-viz gear, or High Visibility Gear, is a great gift to offer because it says, “I care for your safety, but please do hit the trails!” There is something for everyone with a wide selection for horses and riders in different visible and reflective colours.

Bareback pads

It is an acceptable option in the winter to forgo the cold saddle and simply mount up on your warm fluffy horse. I would suggest, though, to at least use a bareback pad so that your sharp sit bones don’t dig into your horse’s back. It also adds a bit of grip, just in case!

Seat Cover

Speaking of cold saddles, an excellent option for English trail riders looking to add a little bit of warmth and padding to their saddle is with this real sheepskin seat saver. This particular model fits 17” to 18” saddle seats, so make sure to measure yours!


Does your equestrian regularly forget lunch or a water bottle on their long rides? Do they head out for long trail rides without a first aid kit? Then a saddle bag would be the perfect, practical gift to store the important things to keep them and their horse safe. 

We have so many options to suit your budget and your favourite equestrian that you are sure to find the ideal saddlebag to offer as a gift.

Bitless Bridles

If your equestrian is adventurous, lives and breathes natural horsemanship, they will enjoy bitless riding because of the deep connection it fosters with their horse. We carry a variety of bitless options to suit horses and riders. It will be a new adventure to explore in 2022!


Stirrups are such an underrated piece of equipment. The reality is that stirrups are not only necessary; they can make or break a ride. It can be frustrating and dangerous if your foot keeps sliding out or going too far in and getting stuck. 


Stirrups can also be a fun way to accessorize by matching them with saddle pads and shirts while being discrete. 


Ditch the heavy and dull stirrups and check out these lightweight, composite stirrups with a splash of colour and anti-slip foot base.

Gift Cards

Gift cards! I can’t say enough about gift cards. They are great for barn owners, trainers, barn besties and every equestrian that is either hard to shop for or has slightly expensive tastes. Gift cards allow them to buy exactly what they want without your having to overspend your budget.

I hope this equestrian gift guide will help you find the ideal gift for your barn bestie, trainer, barn owner, or that one horse-crazy family member!

If this list was helpful to you, please share it and hint if there is something in this that you would like for yourself. 


Happy Holidays!

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