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8 Proven IKEA Barn Hacks To A Better Organized Barn

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Everyone loves barn hacks, especially when they are inexpensive and practical! Where do you get useful and affordable things that you will love for years? IKEA!


Here are 8 IKEA barn hacks for you to try today:

1. Feed Storage Bins

These 60L bins are super convenient. Their lid design means you only need to flip it up and scoop. They also get bonus points because they are stackable. Take out your favourite sharpy and label ‘em. You’ll be ready to start your new and improved feeding routine!

2. Supplement organization

Keep your horses’ supplements neatly organized with these plastic containers. You’ll see how much is left in each box thanks to the transparent glass, and they are even easy to clean!

3. Extra storage

This set of 6 storage bins are perfect for all the odds and ends you need to put in one place. Best of all, the actual bins can easily be wiped down for a quick clean. The shelf on top is also fantastic for cat beds and other odds and ends that don’t fit in the bins.

4. Saddle Pad Rack

Keep your saddle pads safe from the mice and clean from all the other clutter with this sturdy rack. You also get to enjoy your collection even if it isn’t on your horse.

5. Pole raiser

Thought you were done with potties? Think again! Use these little potties are great to raise poles and raise the level of your pole work. (See what I did there).

Bonus: If you are looking for exercise ideas using poles, check out this downloadable from Listening to the horse. (FYI – if you purchase using this link, I get a small commission at no additional cost to you.)

6. The ultimate grooming supply caddy

Is your brush box just too small? How often have you set your brush down in your box for it to clatter to the floor? Well, this little caddy will not only roll all the way to your horse and around it, but it will also carry three times as many things! No more back and forth trips for everything that you need to properly groom your horse.

7. Laundry day

Bring your horse’s laundry home without stinking and mucking up your car. These laundry baskets hold a lot, are sturdy (ask my kids), and collapse when not in use. Your car will thank you.

8. Command Center

No barn is complete without a command center where turn-out lists, messages of the day, and all organization stuff ends up. This versatile yet straightforward board will keep things tidy and organized and add a touch of style to any wall.

That completes our IKEA barn hacks list. I hope you found it helpful, if not entertaining. Would you add anything else to this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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