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12 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Equestrians

Putting together a stocking can be fun and frustrating! Finding small useful and thoughtful gifts for those that made a difference in your year can be even harder! It’s hard to put together stocking stuffer ideas for equestrians.

1. Socks

What better thing to put into a stocking but socks! Funky socks like those from Dreamers & Schemers are sure to put a smile on their faces. Otherwise, reserved horse-themed socks will keep toes warm too! Check out all the socks here.

2. Lip balm

Dry winter lips are definitely a problem for every trail rider, so by extension, lip balm is the perfect equestrian stocking stuffer. Even better when it is made by EcoLicious Equestrian, a Canadian manufacturer, with natural ingredients!

3. Belts

Accessories! What equestrian doesn’t love belts? Usually, they are hard to fit unless you know the person’s waist size, but thanks to C4 Belt’s unique design, they can be cut to measure. No more guessing! Best of all, these belts are washable, resistant, and have a cute, memorable horse of them!

4. ICE Clips

Nothing says I love you like giving gifts to keep a loved one safe and by extension their horse! These ICE Clips attach to a horse’s mane or tail or even tack to keep the identification on the horse in case that a rider and horse are separated on trail. The UltraLite is braided into the mane/tail and the Clip-on is used on tack. It is sure to be a unique and thoughtful gift while be useful.

5. Grooming Supplies

Unique grooming supplies are a fantastic stocking stuffer because they are versatile and take up just enough room in a stocking. These are great for tired hands that seize around the curry, getting dirt out of horse coats or lathering them up during bath time.

6. Riding Gloves

Equestrians go through gloves faster than most people! And who doesn’t love more gloves! Winter, summer, three-season gloves! You can have fun with all the choices for this particular stocking stuffer.

7. Paracord Bracelet

Paracord is the new bailing twine, but sturdier and comes in nicer colours. This bracelet made of paracord is the ultimate trail rider’s friend. It allows you to carry around roughly 7 to 8 feet of 550 lb paracord with you for those situations where you wish you had a length of rope. Whether it’s to tie a piece of broken tack back together, catch a horse, fix a rein and much more. The bracelet comes apart quickly, so you don’t have to mess around with knots in the middle of an emergency. They are sure to be a hit this winter as a stocking stuffer!

8. All-Natural Leather Care

Equestrians spend a fortune on their tack. Why not offer your favourite equestrian scented leather cleaners that will help protect their investment and delight their senses. This Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Duo is available in Lavender, Floral Citrus and Eucalyptus. Buy them together and save!

9. Mini Gift Box

Minis! Who doesn’t love sample-size products? They make great gifts and help your favourite equestrian discover new brands that they might not have tried otherwise! 

10. High Vis Gear

Help keep your favourite equestrian safe by helping stay visible on the road and on the trails thanks to Equisafety gear. There are several items that are budget-friendly and will help keep your loved ones safe while they are out enjoying some special time with their horse.

11. Products to pamper equestrians

Everyone deserves to be pampered! This line of natural products made by equestrians for equestrians is packed with natural organic goodness full of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and essential oils. No silicones, no parabens, synthetic dyes or artificial fragrances are involved. One for a friend, one for you?

12. Gift Card

When all else fails, give a gift card! Your hard-to-buy-for equestrian will surely enjoy a bit of money to help with a more significant purchase along with the freedom of choosing what they want. Bonus: it also helps your favourite small business tack shops!


I hope this list of 12 stocking stuffers ideas for equestrians provided useful gift ideas for your favourite equestrian. It offers something for every equestrian while keeping things simple this holiday season.

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